January Topic: Using Your Senses As Anchors For Birth 

In January, we’re going to discuss the power of training your brain with “anchors”. The idea is you train your body to respond to these anchors throughout your pregnancy so you can then call on those positive vibes during your birth. Your body constantly monitors your environment to work out whether you’re safe or in danger. By using all your senses as anchors, you can train your brain to associate certain smells, sounds and touches with pleasure and positivity.

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About The Group

The Colchester Positive Birth Group is brought to you by Lightbulb Chiropractic as part of the Community Impact programme.

The group has been created to provide a warm, welcoming space where you can freely discuss your pregnancy and birth experiences, preferences, worries and expectations. It’s a judgement free zone, a place where you’ll be invited to explore your options in a supportive peer group. Most of all though, it’s a great opportunity to meet other women and mums-to-be in a chilled out environment. 

The Venue

Our venue – Coffee Hog Cafe – is a lovely independent coffee shop located just off Mersea Road. It has a fabulous little play area for siblings, and serves up tea, coffee, cakes & brunch/light lunch. 

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