chiropractic for babies 

Babies love chiropractic. 

It’s so gentle & relaxing, they often fall asleep which explains why parents love it too!

how can we help you & your baby? 

Chiropractic for babies is extremely gentle, and (thankfully!) nothing like most people imagine.  Our techniques use only the lightest touch, similar to the pressure you can use on your eyeball. 

Our skills and knowledge base are constantly improving, so be prepared for us to geek out on you when we get back after the latest seminar.

Honestly, we simply love adjusting babies.

We fully expect they’ll want changing/feeding/burping during sessions, so don’t let that put you off! (We always have a change of clothes in case of milky burps too).

If you’re unsure whether chiropractic can help your baby, feel free to call or email so we can set up a time to chat.

particularly the period from birth to 2, may be the most dynamic and important phase of brain development in humans. this period is likely to be critical in neuro developmental disorders.


Martin Rosen, DC.


Sarah was warm, friendly, professional and explained everything beautifully as she went and it was a true pleasure to watch her work.
Babe loved her too… HUGE thanks!

Alison Edwards

Proud Grandma & Dinky Doula

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