chiropractic for children 

You want the very best for your kids; those pint sized little womb fruits who cause nearly as many smiles as swear words.

We’re just the ticket.

how can we help your child? 

We’re no strangers to children’s worries and fears, so let’s put your mind at rest. First off, there’s the hundreds of hours of paediatric chiropractic seminars that have taught us a thing or two about working with kids.

Second of all, we’re not white coats and clinical. We’ve got Disney soundtracks, colouring pages, and epic dance offs. We also adjust cuddly toys for free!

We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves for welcoming your littler ones into our space, but always love your suggestions too! If you can think of a way we can make your child feel comfortable, we’ll definitely give it a go.

Probably the most loved part of our children’s consultations is that we do them with you over the phone. That way, the kids don’t have to sit through the “boring stuff”.

It also means you can get everything off your chest without worrying about what they might hear. Especially important for kids whose teachers aren’t clued up on their needs.

We always focus on the good, so your kids will only hear what they’re doing well. 

Let’s work together to build them up!


we see how early childhood experiences are so important to lifelong outcomes, how the early environment literally becomes embedded in the brain and changes its architecture


Andrew S. Garner, MD, PhD


Sarah treated my whole family, regularly and I can honestly say she changed our lives for the better. I first went to see her when I was pregnant and suffering with severe with back pain, she continued to treat me throughout my pregnancy, and beyond.

At the time my younger son was around 15 months old. After I had given birth Sarah then adjusted my daughter when she was just a few days old and continued as she grew. 

Sarah is a kind, caring, professional lady, wonderful with children and putting them at ease and I couldn’t give her and the chiropractic care she provides a higher recommendation.

Danielle Scott

Super Mum to 3 Gorgeous Kiddos

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