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Chiropractic Care

Your brain is the single most important part of your body. That’s why it’s encased in bone. Your brain is responsible for telling every part of your body what to do, sending messages via the spinal cord and the nerves. Though many people seek chiropractic for pain, only about 10% of your nerves are associated with a pain response.

As a chiropractor, I look for subluxations, which are misalignments in the spine that interfere with your nerves. It’s a form of miscommunication in your system that can cause the body to work less efficiently. By adjusting the spine, nerve interference is removed, and your body can heal itself.

Through my years of training, I have learned a variety of techniques. I will know which is most appropriate for you based on your consultation and examination.

Diversified. This manual form of adjustment is completed using my hands.

Thompson. A bench with a drop piece requires less pressure placed on the spine.

Activator®. This handheld device delivers a specific thrust..

Cranial Techniques. The bones of the head get out of sync but can be gently guided back into alignment.

Webster Technique. I am certified in this method, which is effective for all pregnant mums.

Once I start chiropractic, will I always have to go?

No. The choice is yours. Most clients find they notice benefits in their overall health. Chiropractic is a part of their overall wellbeing strategy, much like going to the gym or eating well. If you decide to, you are welcome to have periodic checkups to continually improve your health.
Does an adjustment hurt?

It should not. Some notice stiffness or soreness in the area being adjusted, particularly if it’s been inflamed for some time. Please mention it to me if there are noticeable changes after an adjustment so I can ensure the techniques used are right for you.
Does chiropractic cure anything?

No. It removes interference from the nervous system so the body can heal itself.
Do you work with area birthing professionals?

Yes, and I can refer you as needed or as you wish. I work with midwives, a lactation consultant, a women’s health physiotherapist and more.
Can someone who has had back surgery get chiropractic?

Yes. When I go through your health history, I will be able to work out which techniques are most suitable for you.

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