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Chiropractor Sarah Keen

I love getting to see people drastically change their experience of life through something as simple as an adjustment.

Learning a New Philosophy About Health

Chiropractor Colchester, Sarah KeenI went to chiropractic college thinking that it was a great way to help people in pain without having to resort to drugs. During my time at the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic, I learned about how to adjust people and relieve their discomfort. It was during my first years in practice, however, that I began to realise chiropractic was about far more than pain.

The chiropractor I practised with followed a vitalistic model, which is based on the philosophy of the nervous system affecting every function of the body. After receiving this form of care, I began to notice subtle changes in my health that built up over time and things that once bothered me were no longer a problem.

Training In Paediatrics and Prenatal Care

The changes taking place were amazing, which led me to explore this wellness side of chiropractic. I decided to work toward my paediatric certification with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA), getting certified in the Webster Technique for pregnant mums. I’m also a certified infant massage instructor and a babywearing peer supporter.

I understand what it’s like to face a tough birthing experience. I’m passionate about supporting mums during pregnancy. My first child, George, was born after just 33 weeks and spent time in the NICU. The experience left me with PTSD. During my second pregnancy, I dug into research and hired independent midwives. With the experience of having such an amazing support team, I wanted to bring the same feeling into my practice.

The NHS informed me that I was too high-risk for a home birth with my second pregnancy. I proved them wrong and had a healing home birth with my son Freddie, who weighed in at 9lb 6oz and was born without any intervention, pain relief or tearing.

To answer questions about pregnancy, I started my own podcast, Pure Natural Pregnancy. I speak to leaders in various birthing and child-related fields, so you can learn something new from each episode.

I love to nurture and support families during pregnancy.


Living an Active Family Life

I am originally from Bristol but have lived in Colchester since 2010. I am married to my soldier husband since 2011 when he returned from a tour of duty in Afghanistan. Our family loves to get seafood takeout and sit on the beach enjoying oysters. We often go to Highwoods Country Park to climb trees or make dens. With family spread all over the country, we spend much of our time travelling to meet relatives.

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