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Paediatric Chiropractic in Colchester

Do you think of yourself as a reactive or proactive person? Reactive means you won’t do anything until something is wrong. Proactive people take action now so that in the future, they won’t experience a problem. When it comes to your child’s health, which would you rather be?

At Lightbulb Chiropractic, many area families seek out chiropractic because they want to be proactive. You don’t have to wait until there is an issue, then try to fix them. Chiropractic optimises their nervous system function, which may have a positive impact on your child’s overall wellbeing.

My two sons were adjusted early on in life. I want the kids in our area to have the same opportunity for health that my own have had. Your children deserve to have the chance to be vibrant, energised, and well-rounded. Much of my patient base is made up of families, including children from newborns up to teens.

Often, children can benefit from having gentle cranial work. The bones of the cranium are moveable, and as such, may be out of alignment. My methods can help guide them back into place. There are other techniques available that may be used in your child’s care, such as the Activator® instrument.

Consultations and Examinations Tailored to Your Child

There is a different health history form for my new clients under age 18. The examination performed will vary depending on the child’s age and tolerance level. If needed, the consultation can be done on the phone or over Zoom. Some kids can’t sit through this process, which can be easily worked around.

When your child comes to the practice, I won’t insist on an adjustment before they feel ready. I’ll make sure that they trust me and feel comfortable at the practice prior to starting their care.

Why do people have their newborns or your children adjusted?

Some parents received chiropractic care during pregnancy and bringing their baby in seems like a natural next step. Other parents have a particular concern about their baby such as feeding problems, digestive issues or a serious fall. Starting care early in life can be a great advantage for children.
How early can I bring my baby in?

My children were adjusted early in life. My first was adjusted while in an incubator in the NICU. My second was adjusted just moments after he arrived, while the placenta was still attached! There is no certain age your child must reach before they can receive care. It’s never too early to see a chiropractor.
How much pressure is needed for an adjustment?

About the pressure you’d use to test the ripeness of an avocado. Very little force is needed to make a positive change in a baby or child’s nervous system.

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