chiropractic in pregnancy

Counting down the days to your due date?  You can enjoy being pregnant – just let us take care of you, like you take care of everyone else!


how can we help you? 

Enjoying your pregnancy and feeling ‘ready’ for your birth requires a dream team of people to support you – every step of the way. Without that, it can be a lonely struggle.

Lightbulb Chiropractic is focused on pregnancy & paediatric care.

We’re here to help you find your glow.

Whether you’ve just peed on the stick or you’re 36 weeks and starting to panic, we’re here for you.

we've got a few tricks up our sleeve

We love learning ways to serve you better throughout your pregnancy.

webster certified

The Webster certification is given to chiropractors who have completed additional training in pregnancy care. The technique is a specific sacral analysis and correction, and is used in pregnant and non-pregnant people alike.


spinning babies

Developed by chiropractor and midwife, Spinning Babies is a wonderful resource for pregnant women. We have taken the Spinning Babies seminar and work with couples to implement the techniques.


positive birth group

A group of women supporting each other through positive birth stories, and peer support. We host a monthly Positive Birth group for expectant parents to discuss pregnancy & birth without judgement or fear.

improving body balance improves physiologic function – even birth!


balance in tone and alignment may increase your chance of an easier birth and better sleep while you are pregnant


Gail Tully, Midwife and Founder of Spinning Babies


I attended chiropractor sessions with Sarah on a weekly basis whilst pregnant with my first born. Sarah was so helpful and gave me so much attention and really helped me while my body changed throughout my pregnancy. I felt a great benefit from my adjustments. Sarah had so much knowledge and felt she understood my needs also. She also gave me Great advice on sleeping positions and how to take care of myself as the pregnancy can take so much out of you. I would highly recommend Sarah. X

Karen Perez

First Time Mama Bear

you were born to shine

your family's first steps towards vitality & healing are right here

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