Lightbulb Chiropractic Summer Challenge 2019

This summer, make the most of the great outdoors, learn new skills, try new things and do as much as you can without spending a penny on expensive days out.

In practice, I’m noticing more and more that parents are falling into the belief that you have to spend money to enjoy spending time… I believe simple is better when it comes to our children. Their brains require movement, stimulation and connection to thrive, and it’s my hope that this free challenge supports you to enjoy the summer holidays with your kids.


What is it?

It’s an insanely simple checklist of things to do that cost little or no money, for kids to complete throughout the holidays. The idea is to get the kids involved, they choose what activities to do, colour in the box once completed and fill up the board before they go back to school.


Who is it for?

Anyone under the age of 18, but realistically, most of the activities are for the under 10’s. Print out one for each child and set up a competition between siblings to see who can complete the chart first!


What’s the prize?

It’s mostly for fun and connection, but the winner will receive a £20 Fenwick gift card. (Please note this competition is nothing to do with Fenwick, and is being run entirely by Lightbulb Chiropractic).


How do we play?

  1. Print off the grid chart, and name each chart if doing with siblings
  2. Complete the tasks from Thursday 25th July to Sunday 1st September, colouring each square as the task is completed (parents please initial coloured square!)
  3. Bonus entries will be given for photographs on Facebook or Instagram that tag @LightbulbChiropractic with the hashtag #borntoshine
  4. Email the completed form to me on with your child’s name clearly visible and use SUMMER CHALLENGE 2019 as the subject line before the deadline: Tuesday 3rd September. You’ll be entered into the draw for the £20 Fenwick gift card.
  5. The draw will take place on Friday 6th September, and the winner will be contacted via email for their address, so I can post the gift card.
  6. Have FUN!


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