The summer holidays are fast approaching – my kids are super ready for the break, and I’m sure yours are too. With all the fabulous things to do in and around Colchester, I’ve got a summer holiday challenge coming up soon, designed to get you and your loved ones away from the TV and out into nature. 

It’s on its way – I promise.

In the meantime, there will be a decrease in hours over the holidays… mostly that I won’t be doing any “after school” appointments. Firstly, no school means no need for after school, and secondly, with the best will in the world, I know that if you’re soaking up the sun somewhere, the last thing you’re going to want to do is get everything together to attend your 4:30pm appointment with moi!

So, from the week beginning 22nd July, my hours will be mornings only (10am – 1pm) on a Monday, Tuesday & Thursday. I’m also taking the week of 29th July off to spend with my boys, with no plans whatsoever other than to see how it takes us. Aren’t those the best plans for the summer holidays?!

Whatever you’re planning for the summer holidays, remember that you live your life through your nervous system. You can choose to do all the things and stress it out or you can opt for the simple things and give it an opportunity to heal.

And while I’m here, the question I’m always asked when someone is starting a care plan but has a holiday booked slap bang in the middle of it – no, you won’t mess it all up by missing a couple of weeks – what matters is what you do the majority of the time, not what you do a little of the time. You don’t end up diabetic after a fortnight’s all inclusive, just like you don’t end up an elite level athlete after a couple of weeks at Clarice House.

It takes time and repetition to make the changes, both positive and negative.

All the love, Sarah x



You’re one adjustment away from a good mood…

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