Sustainability with 2020 Vision 

With a new year, and a new decade ahead of us it’s the perfect time to reflect on the past year and create some intention around what we’d like to achieve as our 2020 vision.

If you missed the earlier post about how I reflect on my past year to help me create meaningful goals instead of the standard new year’s resolutions, I’d suggest you start there before creating your own 2020 vision.

What was great in 2019?

2019 was a bit of an epic year for me. So many amazing things happened, and a fair few shocks came through too. I’m big on the power of a reframe though, as every negative can be turned into a positive if we have the ability to change the way we think about things.

Here are five of my business & personal highlights over the past year:

  1. Moved my practice out of my home: this was a big one for me, as I was never really comfortable sharing my home address with the world. It definitely made a shift in my energy when I found my new practice space, and allowed me to share my message more confidently.
  2. Organised a Spinning Babies workshop in Colchester: having a special interest in caring for pregnant women, and knowing the importance of aligned birth workers, I decided to bring a workshop to Colchester. It was the first event I’ve ever organised – a huge learning curve! Off the back of that, there are now regular birth worker meetings and cross referrals taking place which is benefiting the pregnant women we are all caring for.
  3. Set up the Colchester Positive Birth Group: something I had dreamed of having access to when my first baby was born. After 8 months of going back and forth with a venue that pulled out, I held the first meeting as a picnic in Castle Park in the summer. Nobody came. So I enjoyed the picnic with my kids, found a wonderful new venue and persevered. Now we have a growing Facebook community and a small but steady monthly meet up.
  4. Attended the House of Lords for a business award: after being chosen as one of the top 100 small businesses in the UK as part of Small Business Saturday’s SmallBiz100, Lord Young of Graffham hosted a lunchtime reception at the House of Lords. Thousands of entries were whittled down to 100 businesses having a positive impact on their community. I’m so proud that Lightbulb Chiropractic was one of them. 
  5. Created a product that other chiropractors needed: one of the hardest things in advertising what we do as chiropractors is demonstrating how we can help pregnant women and babies. We’re unable to talk about some of the amazing things that change in people under our care, and even banned from discussing some of the research that is out there. It’s crazy! It took me a year to get my pregnancy and newborn flyers approved by the Advertising Standards Authority, but once they were, chiropractors started ordering them by the boat load. This unexpected income came from my passion to get the word out and help more people.

What were my reframes?

There were a couple of clangers this year too, that can’t be missed (because I like to be open and honest) when we’re talking about the past year.

The first biggy was my Mum being diagnosed with breast cancer in the summer. The day after her birthday to be exact. At 7pm, she told me she’d found a lump weeks before, had been to the breast unit for biopsy, ultrasound and mammogram, and that afternoon had been asked to go in the next day to discuss the results. Of course, I knew what that meant so I was straight in the car to Bristol and cancelled my clients for the next couple of days.

I spent much of the summer holidays on the M4 and ran myself ragged between adjusting, driving and trying to be present with the kids whilst feeling guilty for the paperwork that was stacking up. My self-care habits went out of the window. I stopped going to the gym and I was getting adjusted once a month when I probably should have been getting checked twice a week with that amount of stress to my system!

When our brains are on stress, we make poor choices. It’s the reason I tell new clients that for the first few weeks, your only job is to show up.

So what’s the reframe? Well, Mum is now having her chemotherapy every 2 weeks and she’s living between my house and my brother’s in London. She’s getting to spend weeks at a time with her grandchildren, which would never have happened if it wasn’t for this Universal plan. It’s made me even more clear in the knowledge that when we put our children first (and sacrifice ourselves in the process), we’re doing them a disservice further down the line. We must put ourselves first to put our children first.

The second was my husband getting knocked off his bike right after his adjustment at the end of September (the week before Mum’s breast surgery). He had his adjustment, gave me a kiss and got on his bike as I got in the car. He cycled off, and I followed just moments after. Then I saw him lying on the road at the Lidl roundabout, with his bike a couple of metres away. Cue thoughts of “how’s he managed to fall off his bike, numpty!” followed by “oh sh*t, he’s been hit and he’s not moving!” 

A trip to A&E, spinal brace, x-rays, CT scans and more re-scheduled clients (thank you SO much for your patience with me over the summer months!) and it turned out that he had a broken foot and a dodgy knee, which is still unexplained! It could have been so much worse. But it did mean me running round doing everything for weeks as he was in a moon boot, couldn’t drive and was in agony after walking around the house let alone anywhere else. Yet again, my health habits slipped so I could do all the things for everyone else. Not sustainable.

What is the 2020 vision?

My 2020 vision for Lightbulb Chiropractic is built around the theme of sustainability. Every year I choose a theme that I want to focus on. Last year’s theme was connection and I used that as a guide whenever I was making decisions about what to do next. 

So the 2020 vision for sustainability includes not only the obvious – environmental sustainability – but also personal health and business sustainability too. I want to create a business that will still exist in 50 years time and that I can continue to work in & on, without being burnt out. I also intend to create new health practices that support a whole new level of energy to keep me going throughout the year as I develop my business, family and lifestyle.

These are my commitments to my 2020 vision:

  • Put my health above everything else: even above the family time – because putting my health first is putting my family first! To do that, I’ll get adjusted weekly with no excuses, move (walking/low impact) daily & train hard 3-4x per week.
  • Take more time off: creating space to recharge my batteries, so that I can come back to practice refreshed and more energised for you all. This doesn’t mean taking more time out of the practice, but it means truly taking time off and not sneaking in work emails or admin at the weekends!
  • Reduce environmental impact: despite being a *mostly* paperless practice, there are certain things that are printed. I already use non-toxic cleaning products, recycled cardboard folders, and cloth face papers for the bench, but there’s more to be done. This year, I intend to source more recycled paper products for my marketing materials and report folders. 
  • Support more small businesses: to have a thriving local economy, we have to stop supporting the giants over the independents. I’ve got a weakness for Amazon Prime that I’m going to be intentional about slashing this year, to help support sustainability on the High Street.
  • Educational video library: my business up to this point has been built through referrals and people seeing me on educational Facebook lives. I talk about a lot of topics on repeat in practice, and so this year, I intend to create a video library for you all to peruse. Lots of clients have expressed how difficult it is to explain what I’ve said to family & friends who are interested in chiropractic care. A video library will mean that even if you’re not a client, you can still benefit from my expertise and experience.

All of these steps are designed to bring us closer to Lightbulb Chiropractic’s Intention Statement:

We are a family focused healing space changing lives through chiropractic.  We love, support and inspire families toward their optimal expression of life by removing interference to the nervous system and allowing innate perfection to shine.

We have a clear goal for every client: a lifetime of health and vitality, with a clear and connected nervous system.


You’re one adjustment away from a good mood…

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