The biomechanics of birth & how the Webster technique may assist with optimal foetal positioning.

Chiropractors trained in pregnancy care can be a valuable member of the birth team, especially when it comes to the biomechanics of birth.

With a focus on optimising normal physiology, we work with women throughout pregnancy to improve alignment of the spine and pelvis. The Webster technique is a well-known standard of care throughout the rest of the world, however little is known of it here in the UK.

This talk will give you an understanding of:

  • the salutogenic model of care
  • basic anatomy, physiology & normal biomechanics of birth (a brief refresher)
  • where chiropractic, and specifically the Webster technique, fits into pregnancy & birth care
  • why so many mums-to-be are finding their breech babies turn head down with this technique
  • how chiropractic care may be of benefit to the women you are caring for in the postnatal period too

Who can attend?

It’s open to all midwives and obstetricians who are interested in learning about the chiropractic approach to pregnancy care.

If you’d like to book a talk for your hospital or university, please contact me using the contact form on this website.  

Where & when will it be held?

The talk will be held in the Parent Education Room at Colchester Hospital.

It will start at 1pm on Wednesday 22nd January and will last approx 1hr with time for questions afterwards.

Book Your Place

This talk has limited spaces, and although tickets are free of charge, they must be booked in advance.

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