Innate intelligence is that little something that sparked the sperm and egg to join forces and create you. It’s the difference between a living being and an inanimate object. Our innate intelligence is an inborn wisdom that knows exactly what to do at each and every single moment we’re on this planet.

Birth is the ultimate expression of our innate intelligence working in all its glory.


George’s Birth: Emergency Caesarean

Six years ago today, I didn’t think I’d get to hold my baby alive. He was born at 2:10am, 33 weeks gestation, weighing in at a tiny 2lb 11oz. Despite a week of monitoring leading up to his birth, nobody told me that he’d be whisked off to the neonatal unit as routine. They failed to mention that I’d not get to see him until my catheter was removed. 

I knew of two babies born prematurely at that point and both had died. For 13 long hours, I put up the barriers and prepared for the worst. I convinced myself that this baby was going to die before I got to hold him, because if this was routine, someone would have told me. 

While I sat in the maternity ward, surrounded by mums who got to hold their babies, I hand expressed colostrum into 5ml syringes. My body knew I had a baby to feed even if I couldn’t be with him. I’d been awake for over 24 hours at this point, and spent all night vomiting so I felt rough. Funny though, that feeling rough so often comes with our bodies demonstrating detox wisdom!


The First Cuddle

At around 3pm, after the shift handover had taken place, my catheter was removed and I was on the move. I still couldn’t stand because the spinal block had yet to wear off,  so hubby (Chris) got me dressed and transferred me into a wheelchair for the trip to meet my baby boy.

I travelled with style down to the neonatal unit, that I’d toured only the night before. It was boiling. The heat and the beeps struck me immediately. It was horrible seeing all the tiny ones in incubators with tubes and wires coming out all over the place. 

The neonatal nurses lifted my tiny boy out of his incubator and down my top (wires as well) for some skin to skin care. Sometimes it’s called Kangaroo Care, and it’s the most beautiful gift you can give to a new baby. Free, simple, and requiring absolutely zero equipment! There are so many benefits to both the parent and the baby that demonstrate our innate intelligence even more.

I was shaking with fear holding him. He seemed so delicate, like he could so easily break.


Graduation Through The Neonatal Unit

The high dependency unit was where the most poorly babies were kept. It was there that I had my first cuddle with George. Over the course of five weeks, he graduated through the different rooms, meeting milestones along the way:

  • Digesting expressed milk through a nasogastric tube
  • Coming off one medication after another
  • Being able to wear clothes for the first time
  • His first latch and breastfeed
  • Waking himself up for feeding times
  • Weight gains

As he got closer to ticking the boxes to come home, our excitement grew. We had been waiting for this day! It was also when I started to doubt everything I had believed about our bodies, healing, and what our innate intelligence does.


Doubting Myself

I started to think about re-training to become a science teacher! 

If this innate intelligence was really there, healing us and allowing us to grow and develop, then why did my baby not stay inside for the full 9 months? How was he so sick that he needed multiple medications? Why did I have doctors telling me to formula feed my baby because my milk wasn’t fattening him up like it should?

It took about 6-12 months for me to process my birth experience. I was diagnosed with birth trauma PTSD after around four months, while Chris was on an exercise in Kenya. I went through a course of CBT and started to feel more at ease with what had happened. I stopped blaming myself, but I couldn’t shift the feeling that everything I knew was wrong.


Realisation that innate intelligence is very real

Over the course of George’s first year, I witnessed so many amazing things. He first latched at 3 weeks of age, after I was told he was born too soon to have a suck reflex. Far from being the “sick child” we were told to expect, he seemed to clear out his colds pretty quickly, and never got really unwell. He was delayed in rolling, sitting, crawling and walking as we expected, but he did them all in the right order. 

In the six years since he was born, that tiny baby has grown into a bright and bubbly kiddo. He rarely gets sick, and when he does, it’s gone in 12-24 hours. We have invested in supporting the health of our family, and it goes without saying, he’s adjusted regularly.

Our bodies are truly amazing, and we have the power to heal. Despite whatever labels or limitations are put upon us by others.


If you have a child who’s been given a poor prognosis that you want to challenge, or if you have health problems of your own, come in for a New Client Experience and see what chiropractic is all about.


You’re one adjustment away from a good mood…

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